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Biggie Biggs
How long have you been wrestling?

I entered "Iron" Mike Sharp's School of Pro Wrestling in September of 1994, so I've been involved with wrestling for almost 4 years.

What made you decide to get into professional wrestling?

Heheh, well it started in 1993 my freshman year at Ocean County College. I was in a Graphic Arts class when I saw a kid use the Ultimate Warrior in one of his projects. So I was like cool you like wrestling. He said, Yeah I'm training at Iron Mike Sharp's in Bricktown to become a professional wrestler. I never knew that there was a wrestling school near me, so I went with this kid one Thursday night. At that time Sharp's was open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. So I went for the first time and saw all these guys Super Nova, Ace Darling, Devon Storm, Steve Richards, Lupus, Rik Ratchet, Rocco Dorsey, and Prof. Theodore Eacher. And of course Mike Sharp. So the first work out was free and I tried ità I got my ass kicked for three hours and decided pro wrestling was not for me. So I finished my freshman year at college, and decided to join Gold's Gym in Howell, NJ. First day I'm in the gym I run into Rik Ratchet. He was working as a dietitian. He said you look familiar, do I know you? I said yeah I saw you at Sharp's. He asked why I stopped and I said it wasn't for me. He said brother come with me and I'll work with you. SO I went back in September of 1994 and worked out with Ratchet, Donnie B and Nova. I still got my ass kicked don't get me wrong, but these guys worked with me and helped me as much as they could. I am thankful now for them being such hard asses, because I think if they hadn't been such hard asses, I would not appreciate the wrestling business as muchà I don't know if that makes any sense, but I owe Nova, Ratchet, and Donnie B a lot.

When was your 1st pro match and for what promotion?

The best Thing about Sharp's is that every two weeks on Saturdays all the students would put on a Sharp show. After about six months of training, I guess it would be early 1995 my first match was in the GSWA. Sharp's fed name was the Garden Staten Wrestling Alliance. My first opponent was Lupus. Heheh I was so nervous I couldn't remember if I won or lost after the match. There were only 30 people in the crowd, but it seemed like hundreds to me. I think anyone who came from the Bricktown School and did the school shows had an edge on other students. I did school shows for 2 years before I had my first paid match.

My first paid match was for New Jack City against Primo Canera III in 1997. I was told by the promoter, He is going to be stiff with you, I want to see if you can be HARDCORE for NJC. SO me not knowing anything said sure, no problem. As the match ended, I was power bombed on my head and blacked out for 3 to 4 seconds. My buddy was referring and thought I was working the gimmick when I asked him where the locker room was. I guess I had no choice because I wanted to work so badly, I would work the second half of that show with a concussion. Silly me. Hehe

Who has been my toughest opponent?

Hmmmm, actually that would be Super Nova. Nova because he always would put me through the ringer at practice. The last time I worked Nova I tore my ACL. Nova is the best wrestler I have ever faced and have the most respect for him. I think if it wasn't for Nova taking his time to help me with my skills, I would never have been able to get work. He always told me I lacked confidence, and once I would find it I would be so much better. After 3 years I finally found it. heheheh..

Who are your favorite wrestlers to watch?

Too Cold Scorpio, Eddy Guerro, Kerry Von Eric, The Original Midnight Express, Rock and Roll Express, Twiggy Ramirez, JR Ryder, Super Nova, Steve Corino, Reckless Youth, The Misfits. I enjoy watching everyone work because you can learn so much by watching the different styles. Everyone mentioned other than Nova was trained by someone other than Iron Mike Sharp. If you were wondering who influenced me as a kid it would be STING.

If you could wrestle anybody, alive or deceased, who would it be?

I would like to wrestle Iron Mike Sharpe because with out his school and his help with my training, I would never be involved in this business. Besides, I think my chops are up to par with his.. Hehehe.

Other than NWA, What other promotions do you wrestle for?

AWC, RCW, USA Pro are the other feds I work steady for. Actually I do own a ring with my partner Prof. Theodore Eacher and we do ring rentals. Most of the time, when the ring gets rented, we have a chance to work on shows as well. So I would saw I also work for a handful of small promotions that run once in a blue moon. Since Jersey became deregulated anyone can be a wrestling promoter. I'm not complaining because the ring rentals and working those shows help pay my school bills. It also gives me an opportunity to try new dance steps with a smaller crowd.. Heheheh.

How did you come up with the Overweight Lover gimmick?

Heheheheh long story, but I'll make it short. The Bricktown School closed in 1995. So I went to another school in Barnegate NJ. My original gimmick from Sharpes' was Ranger Nick, a hip-hop park ranger from the concrete jungle. It was funny and over to some point. But when we started to do shows in Barnaget, I wanted a new gimmick. So we did a gimmick where I lost a match and Prof. Theodore Eacher would get my contract. So Eacher gets my contract and introduces me as his ring boy The Overweight Lover. I had baggy heart pants a red towel, eating chips and dancing like a freak. It was fun. So little by little the gimmick evolved. I dropped the heart pants and either wore solid black or shorts, gave the Overweight Lover a first name by using Biggie Biggs. A tribute to the Notorious BIG after he was shot. Added more new dance steps like the lawn sprinkler that always made you guys pop at Yardville. And just kept adding to the gimmick. A player hat, black hip-hop jacket, little by little the gimmick came around to what you see today.

Since music has played a large part in your career, who are your favorite bands/musicians?

Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, 112, Little Kim, Foxy Brow, anything playing at the clubs in Seaside. I enjoy a lot, but majority is hip-hop, or club music.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Wow, this is the mother of all questions. Heheh. Honestly I never thought I would get as far as I have already. I never thought I would work for the NWA or have an opportunity to answer 10 questions for a web page. I never imagined I would have people doing my wacky little dance steps. Honestly I thought this was a pipe dream. Who would want to see a chubby white kid try to dance let alone wrestle? I am happy to have come this far.

In five years I would hope to have accomplished the following;

Make it into the PWI 500.

Get an introducing with PWI.

Get a chance to get a dark match for RAW.

I'm still a baby in this business. I'll be 24 years old in June. I mean it might be possible that one day there might be a need to hire a chubby white kid who thinks he is black and can rap and dance. I know I'll get my chance one day, and until that day comes I'm just going to have fun and work all the shows I can, and keep doing ring rentals, and get more confidence to build my self up.

Thank you for this great opportunity, and keep lawn sprinkling.

the Overweight Lover Biggie Biggs



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